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A Relationship Timeline Of Charli D’Amelio And Lil Huddy

A Relationship Timeline Of Charli D’Amelio And Lil Huddy

Updated April 2nd, 2020

TikTok’s Hype House has been making headlines since its inception in mid-December.

Filled with some of the internet’s most viral stars, fans just can’t get enough of the crew, the friendships and most recently, the relationships that go on behind the not-so-closed doors of this LA mansion.

Though social media’s been whispering about these suspected TikTok couples for a few months now, it wasn’t until recently that they started putting their relationships on public display. Or at the very least, hinting at their relationships, leaving fans to obsessively speculate over WTF is going on????

So now this beg the question, are these couples for real? Or are they just for clout?

Here’s a look at who’s dating who in the Hype House crew.

Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson

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Back in January, rumours linked the eldest D’Amelio sister with Tayler Holder, after the couple appeared in a series of TikToks and an IG live together, followed by Tayler posting a photo holding hands with a girl…though no faces were visible in the photo, Tayler tagged Dixie as the girl’s hand. Dixie commented on the post with a heart emoji. However, fans were crushed when neither Tayler nor Dixie posted about each other for Valentine’s Day and both seemed to spend the holiday of love, solo. While the pair never confirmed they were a couple, both seemed to have moved on, with Dixie now posting frequent videos with Sway House member, Griffin Johnson. Dixie and Griffin were said to have met on the set of Attaway General, Brat’s latest TV show, in which they were both cast in at the end of February.

Griffin first started appearing in Dixie’s videos prior to *that* Bahamas trip (you know the one), in early March, which was followed by the posting of the above Instagram image. Johnson is now a staple on the Hype House member’s feed and if you’ve seen anything of the couple interact THE.CHEMISTRY.IS.REAL. Tell me they’re not dating, I dare you.

Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon

The first “public” couple, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon have been dating since well before the Hype House came together. The two have been together for over a year and even spent some time doing long distance— with Alex living in California and Kouvr living in Hawaii. Kouvr has since moved to California and the couple resides fulltime in the Hype House.

Charli D’Amelio and Lil Huddy

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As one of the most famous TikTok stars in the world, it’s not surprising that the internet hyper-analyses Charli D’Amelio’s every move. So when the 15-year-old started filming TikToks with Chase Hudson, AKA Lil Huddy, hinting at a relationship, fans went wild. The two really leaned into the rumours, posting photos of each other on their Instagram stories out for “date night” and were photographed holding hands in a grocery store later that evening. They were also seen kissing on NYE. However in a January 3rd IG live, Charli said, “No I’m not dating anyone right now. I’m allowed to just take things slow.” After a few weeks back in her home state of Connecticut, Charli landed back in LA on January 14th and seemed to reconcile with Chase. The two jetted off on a couple’s vacay to Hawaii mid-January with Madi Monroe, Chris Romero, Avanii Gregg, Anthony Reeves and 7th wheel Sebastian Topete (lol). Both Charli and Chased posted mushy Valentine’s Day posts about each other, so it’s safe to say any doubts we had about this relationship are now gone.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the end of February, Chase explains, “I’m taking it as slow as humanly possible, before I pop the [girlfriend] questions, but we are very exclusive and very into each other,” he said of the pair’s relationship status.

However, recent developments have suggested that despite some serious PDA in early March, Chase and Charlie look to be broken up. While the two never officially confirmed they were dating, since the dropping of the Lil Huddy diss track by Sway House members Josh Richards and Bryce Hall on the 21st March, neither has featured in the other’s videos for almost a month (given COVID-19 has also forced isolation during this time). Plus, a string of retweets from Charli with breakup quotes seem to confirm the pair have split.

While we doubt either party are likely to officially confirm the split, many have accused Chase of using Charli for clout throughout the whole relationship, so there have been mixed fan responses to the split. Either way, time will tell, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Internet’s most talked about (ex) couple.

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Addison Rae and Bryce Hall

Hype House’s Addison Rae had been reportedly dating Bryce Hall of the Sway House (yes, there’s another house now). This duo sent fans some seriously mixed messages over the last couple of months. Rumours began when Addison and Bryce started filming frequent TikToks together. Bryce posted a photo to his Instagram stories of the two kissing on NYE, something they both said on IG live they’d never do unless they were officially dating. Bryce also reportedly went home with Addison for Christmas. Fans were concerned as the couple wasn’t seen together for weeks after the holidays, however on January 16th they finally uploaded a TikTok together and looked very much to be couple. However, on January 31st Bryce sent out the below tweet, explaining that they are not, in fact, together (I’m not crying, you’re crying):

Whether Addison and Bryce we’ll get back together, we’ll have to wait and see.

Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves

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Avani Gregg and Sway House’s Anthony Reeves have been reportedly official since December. During an IG live in early November, a fan asked Anthony if he liked anyone, to which Anthony replied, “Brah, everybody knows who I like,” referring to Avani. The couple also shared a New Year’s kiss and in a TikTok posted to Avani’s page on January 2nd, the two are seen dancing together before Anthony kisses Avani on the forehead. The two also attended the couple’s trip to Hawaii with Charli and Chase in mid-January and have been public about their relationship since.

And now you know.


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