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Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Friend On TikTok

Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Friend On TikTok

Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson is the latest TikTok star to be accused of sexual assault.

On April 6th, a series of videos surfaced of TikTok user @zigwad sharing her experience with Chase in 2019 while he performed on the Lights Out tour. The creator claims that she and Chase were friends, so when the tour came to her town of Portland, Oregon in June 2019, she was invited to hang out with him and his friends at their hotel. She alleges that during that time, Chase withdrew to his room, and when she went to check on him, he proceeded to do things to her that she was “not okay with”.

After the incident she says she didn’t speak out as she didn’t want to “darken the mood” in front of his friends. However, she claims he blocked her on all social media platforms in the days following, leaving her to feel hurt and used. She also says this incident has affected her ability to trust others. 

While the victim admits she didn’t outwardly decline his advances at the time, she cites the power dynamic between Chase and herself as the main reason she felt uncomfortable saying no. She claims this power imbalance— between herself as a fan and himself as an influencer— made things “a lot worse”, and she felt like she couldn’t speak up out of fear that it would “ruin his career”.

This incident comes off the back of a string of recent sexual assault allegations against popular social media stars, namely James Charles, David Dobrik, and the Lopez brothers

The concerning common thread between these allegations is the blatant imbalance of power between the perpetrators and the victims. 

With James Charles’ scandal involving sexting underaged fans, and David Dobrik’s allegations involving the sexual assault of a fan under his watch, the power dynamic between popular social media creators and their fans evidently creates an environment where victims feel helpless to say no to or call out alleged assults.

Twitter users have been quick to come to @zigwad’s defence, acknowledging the way in which power dynamics can complicate giving consent and speaking out. 

In her original video, @zigwad says, “Even if someone has status, that doesn’t excuse or cover up anything they’ve done to people”.

The victim has since deleted these TikToks and made further videos explaining that Chase’s team has reached out to her to resolve the matter privately. She has also said that she will not be speaking publicly about this issue in the future. 

Chase is also yet to address this on his social media accounts at the time of publication. 

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