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Harry Styles Looks To Be Launching A Beauty Brand

Harry Styles Looks To Be Launching A Beauty Brand

harry styles beauty brand

In Internet breaking news that simultaneously surprises no one; a Harry Styles fan account on Twitter has today shared compelling evidence that the GRAMMY Award winning musician is entering the beauty industry.

As @TheHarryNews reports, Harry Styles is listed as co-director (alongside his longtime assistant, Emma Spring) under Pleased As Holdings: a new company registered with the UK Company Directory. The registration shows the nature of the business as the “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics”.

What has the Internet in a tailspin, aside from the obvious, is that the company is registered under the name STYLES, Harry Edward. Whether this is simply the standard formatting of the UK Company Directory or something more intentional, fans were quick to speculate the brand will launch under the acronym S.H.E— which also seems appropriate as one of the track names on his wildly successful 2019 album, Fine Line.

Known for his quirky manicures and gender-fluid fashion, many believe nail polish or unisex fragrance will be the first in line of potential product launches for the singer.

Whichever product he launches first, the Internet has already begun collectively saving up.

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