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Jaclyn Hill Launches Online Marketplace ‘iminit’ Ahead Of New Brand ‘Jaclyn Roxanne’

Jaclyn Hill Launches Online Marketplace ‘iminit’ Ahead Of New Brand ‘Jaclyn Roxanne’

Jaclyn Hill is expanding her business ventures beyond cosmetics!

The YouTuber, who amassed nearly 6 million subscribers filming makeup tutorials and beauty-related content, has revealed her latest project— an online marketplace called ‘iminit‘.

Taking to Instagram stories, the 31-year-old explains that about a year ago she purchased a warehouse to house the stock for her independent brand, Jaclyn Roxanne, which has not yet been announced.

Though she did not reveal further details on Jaclyn Roxanne, trademark documentation suggests the brand will be a line of jewelry. Jaclyn claims she is creating Jaclyn Roxanne without any partners or investors— a first for the influencer who currently owns a namesake cosmetics brand in collaboration with Forma Brands.

“Because of [Jaclyn Roxanne], about a year ago, I had to purchase my own warehouse and it is huge,” Jaclyn tells her followers. “I was like, ‘what am I going to do with all this space?’ So my team and I came up with the idea of creating a marketplace.”

“Basically, what this means is I have created my own website, my own marketplace, it’s called,” Jaclyn adds. “If you know me you know that I say that 45 times a day. Anytime I love something, I say, ‘Oh I’m in it’.”

Jaclyn goes on to explain that she has launched the marketplace with five of her favourite brands— Loving Tan, Mike’s Hot Honey, Sanitas Skincare, Seventh Avenue Candles, and Slip— and will be doing “shipping and distribution” for these brands through the site.

The creator says she’s excited to “give small businesses the opportunity to have a place to sell their items and products online” and leverage her massive following to provide these brands with exposure.

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“I have been so fortunate to be so blessed on what the internet has done for me, but I know there are so many people out there with such incredible products and feel like you can’t like, breakthrough, you can’t get your products out there and be seen, and I really want to change that for you,” Jaclyn says.

While the social media star did not provide further details on when fans can expect Jaclyn Roxanne, her latest Jaclyn Cosmetics collection, Bougie Rouge, is available from today to shop.

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