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Jaclyn Hill Just Started The Most Heartwarming Twitter Thread And We’re Fighting Back Tears

Jaclyn Hill Just Started The Most Heartwarming Twitter Thread And We’re Fighting Back Tears

Jaclyn Hill is determined to spread positivity despite the global pandemic.

The beauty YouTuber, who knows first-hand just how toxic social media can be, took to Twitter today to ask her followers a simple favour during these difficult times: say something nice about your favourite viral personality.

I want to ask a favor of you guys….,” she tweeted. “Tag a YouTuber, influencer, blogger, etc…. and say something nice about them! Something to lift them up.”

She went on to say that she knows many fans are silent watchers but she would love to give them the chance to say something nice about their fave— presumably away from the YouTube comment section which is notoriously hostile.

And did they ever take her up on that chance!

Fans immediately started flooding Jaclyn’s thread, tagging creators who have inspired them over the years. Many shared stories of how these viral stars have taught them new skills, helped them through feelings of anxiety, depression, or loneliness, and have been a constant positive figure in their lives during challenging times.

Thanks to Jaclyn’s influence and large platform, it seems many of the creators being tagged are seeing the posts themselves and responding to their fans in heartwarming exchanges.

@RawBeautyKristi your heart is seriously the reason why I try to be a better person EVERY single day,” one fan wrote. “You influence me in ways to be a better friend, daughter,sister, etc. Your love for animals resonates with me as well. I always am wishing you happiness and success ♡

The beauty guru replied saying those words meant the world to her and made her cry.

Many tagged Jackie Aina, saying she gives amazing advice and they appreciate her authenticity.

One fan gave a shout out to Mykie of Glam and Gore for being a light through her darkest times, to which the creator responded with humour, writing, “The light you’re talking about is just from anything reflecting off my pale ass skin.”

One fan shouted out three creators that she loves— Anh Luu of Girl and The Word for bringing her peace on stressful days, Samantha Ravndahl for being genuinely amazing, and Jackie Aina for being “THAT CHICK.”

Samantha replied with a crying emoji, writing “ily Briahna!

My girl @iluvsarahii,” one user tweeted. “She is such an inspiration to the Latin community and just overall someone who brings pure and original content to the internet.”

Sarah responded saying she was sending the fan a virtual hug.

Others had lovely things to say about Alissa Ashley‘s positivity and upbeat content.

One fan wrote that Manny MUA has been getting her through quarantine, saying, “He puts a smile on my face. My mom and I never miss a video. We always make it a point to watch Manny together.”

While the majority of the thread focuses on beauty influencers (considering it was first tweeted out by Jaclyn Hill), there are a few creators outside the community being recognised.

To OG YouTuber Tyler Oakley, one fan wrote, “You set an example, a standard for others to follow. You led the way. I appreciate you, a lot. ty.”

Tyler replied saying that shout out just made his night.

Another user called out fashion and lifestyle creator Sierra Schultzzie for helping her realise that she is beautiful. “I love her and I’m literally thankful for her.”

THIS is the wholesome content we need to see in the world.

You can follow the entire thread here.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!!

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