Jaden Hossler Addresses Past Homophobic, Anti-Trans Tweets

Jaden Hossler is the latest TikTok star to be called out for his problematic past.

After flying relatively under the radar during TikTokkergeddon, Jaden Hossler is now the subject of scrutiny after fans uncovered numerous homophobic and anti-trans tweets from the 19-year-old over the years, like calling a lesbian couple a “disgusting reality.”

Jaden also “liked” multiple hateful tweets, including one calling the LGBTQ+ community “annoying,” another agreeing that Victoria’s Secret should not have plus-size or trans models, and many saying trans people are not valid.

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Jaden Hossler’s liked tweets

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Understandably, fans were upset. Many called for Jaden to be “cancelled” and hoped the TikTok community would keep the same energy for Jaden as they have for Addison Rae, Chase Hudson and other stars who have recently been involved in scandals.

Jaden is not the only Sway (er, ex-Sway) boy to be called out for homophobic remarks. Just last month, Bryce Hall found himself in the middle of some major drama when he tweeted that ‘alt TikTok’ is “heterophobic” — a social construct that objectively does not exist.

Now, Jaden has responded. In a series of tweets early this morning, Jaden addresses his past problematic activity online by asking fans to judge him for who he is now, rather than who he was years ago.

He says he genuinely loves all people and tries to use his platform now to promote love, not hate. Jaden says he understands if fans no longer want to support him, but that his family “is open to everyone.”

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He finishes by saying he is proud of who he has become and he’s excited to see where he’s going.

Jaden seemingly tweeted-and-deleted the closest he’s come to apologising, writing he understands if he gets hate because he hurt a lot of people with his words. Many fans are frustrated with the star for refusing to properly apologise and spinning the narrative to be about Jaden rather than those he hurt.

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jaden speaks more on his past tweets

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We highly recommend Jaden watch Seth Francois’ video on how to properly apologise.

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