JoJo Siwa Apologises For Selling Kid’s Game After Viral TikTok Exposes Inappropriate Questions

This is icky.

Over the weekend, TikTok mum Heather Watson shared a video exposing a Nickelodeon children’s game her daughter got for Christmas. The game, called JoJo’s Juice, is one of many games, toys, and merchandise that uses the likeness of popular YouTube star JoJo Siwa, who has built a widely successful career creating children’s content since 2015 after a stint on Dance Moms.

Unlike other JoJo Siwa games, however, JoJo’s Juice includes challenges and questions that ask children— primarily under 10-years-old— things like have they been arrested, have they learned the “art of twerking” and has anyone ever walked in on them naked.

Despite being in mass production since at least 2018, the mother’s TikTok went viral and JoJo received a flood of backlash for endorsing this inappropriate game.


@jojobows27 and @nickelodeon I just don’t understandstand! #FYP #TagJojo #JojoSewa #nickelodeon #innapropriate

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Now, the 17-year-old YouTube sensation has addressed the backlash and apologised for the game.

In a video posted to Instagram, JoJo explains that “when companies make these games, they don’t run ever aspect by me so I had no idea of the types of questions that were on the playing cards”.

The singer and dancer goes on to say that she is “really, really, really upset” about the questions and has since been working with Nickelodeon to get the game off shelves.

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She finishes by saying she hopes everyone knows she would have never allowed the game to go into production had she been made aware of the questions in advance.

And that’s on a classy apology.

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