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Every Product Liza Koshy Puts On Her Face Before Bed

Every Product Liza Koshy Puts On Her Face Before Bed

Liza Koshy is a lot of things— a YouTuber, a comedian, an actress, a host, and as it turns out, she’s also a skincare fanatic!

The viral star, who’s found herself on Time‘s ‘Most Influential People on the Internet’ list twice, launched her own skincare brand in late 2019 called C’est Moi. The brand is formulated for sensitive skin with clean ingredients that are ethically-sourced.

Recently, Liza shared her nighttime skincare routine with Harper’s Bazaar US and while the steps are a little unconventional, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the quirky star.

From double masking to SPF at night, here’s every product Liza Koshy puts on her face before bed!

(And no, it’s not all C’est Moi.)

1/ C’est Moi Gentle Cleansing Water

Liza first goes in with her brand’s new Gentle Cleansing Water to remove her makeup. She also loves the C’est Moi Gentle Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes calling them “bomb as hell.”

2/ C’est Moi Refreshing Papaya & Strawberry Seed Scrub Facial Mask

Liza then goes in with the “hydration station” as she calls it— an exfoliating scrub that doubles as a hydrating mask. Liza recommends rubbing it into the skin like a scrub and then leaving it on for 15 minutes.

3/ C’est Moi Purifying Charcoal Clay Facial Mask

To kill some time in quarantine, she then goes in with a second mask— this time, a purifying charcoal mask to draw out impurities.

4/ Dr. Bronner’s 4-In-1 Lavender Organic Sugar Soap

Liza says she uses this sugar soap on her body, hands, face and sometimes even her hair! She loves it because the ingredients are all organic and fair-trade.

5/ C’est Moi Clarify Blemish Treatment Pads

To treat sporadic breakouts, Liza uses these blemish pads, which she says helps clear up her skin while remaining super gentle as they “never burn.”

6/ Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

Liza calls this “one of the best vitamin C oils ever.” She uses a few drops to prep and lubricate her skin before diving into a facial massage with the Yeamon Facial Massager.

7/ C’est Moi Gentle Moisture Lotion

After rolling her face, Liza goes in with moisturiser, patting it into her face and neck. Of her brand, she says C’est Moi has helped her skin tremendously, as she used to suffer from cystic acne and eczema.

8/ C’est Moi Gentle Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

In a unique twist, Liza then goes in with a second moisturiser—one that has SPF because “Guess who tries to sneak into your bed with you in the morning? The damn sun!”

9/ Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

After brushing her teeth, Liza uses this cult-classic lip scrub. She says her lips peel a lot because California is “dry as shit.”

10/ MaryRuth Organics Vegan Collagen Boosting Gummies

Finally, Liza pops two collagen boosting gummies before bed to help maintain skin elasticity and prevent signs of ageing.

We stan a skincare queen.

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