Glam&Gore’s Mykie and Smosh Co-Founder Anthony Padilla Reveal Secret Relationship

If there was ever a royal couple of OG YouTube, this would be it.

Mykie of viral SFX makeup channel Glam&Gore and Smosh co-founder Anthony Padilla just announced their secret relationship in matching Instagram posts, followed by a video on her channel titled ‘Taking Off My BOYFRIEND’S ….. Makeup.”

Throughout the 27-minute video, Mykie slowly removes a prosthetic mask from Anthony’s face and neck while answering questions about their relationship, revealing his identity at the end.

The couple, who have over 7 million subscribers combined, say they’ve been together for around 3 months and decided to announce their relationship sooner than expected because it had become too hard to hide something this big from their audiences.

“Keeping a relationship this incredible a secret for so long has been a challenge,” Anthony wrote in his Instagram caption. “When someone sweeps you off your feet and reminds you why every moment in life is beautiful, you want to turn into a puddle of sap and shout it from a mountain top.”

Mykie’s caption was equally as mushy, calling the YouTube creator “the most humble, modest, down to earth person I know” followed by “genuine, sincere loving, fun, patient, calm, attentive” both on and off camera.

We ship.

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