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A Definitive Timeline Of The “Nessa Barrett Is Cancelled” Saga

A Definitive Timeline Of The “Nessa Barrett Is Cancelled” Saga

Updated May 23, 2020.

Nessa Barrett has been getting some serious press lately.

A few months ago, the TikTok star made headlines alongside boyfriend Josh Richards when Josh released a diss track calling out Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson.

ICYMI— Josh and Bryce Hall, members of the Sway House, claim that Chase, co-founder of The Hype House, was trying to hook up with Nessa. To add insult to injury, they also claim this was all happening while Chase was dating the most famous girl on TikTok, 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio.

Now, Nessa has found herself at the center of another media storm. And this time, it’s not so flattering.

On April 9th, Nessa uploaded a TikTok to her 6 million followers dancing to an audio clip of someone reciting a verse from the Quran with the caption “fave sound.”

According to Distractify, Nessa immediately received backlash for the video. Fans flooded her comment section, saying the video was tone-deaf and offensive to the Muslim community. She initially turned comments off before deleting the video altogether.

Nessa has since made multiple apologies for the TikTok video.

First, she jumped on Instagram Live shortly after taking the video down. During the Live, Nessa claimed that she and her friend were brainstorming unique content ideas when they came across the sound on the For You Page.

She then used the excuse that she has family from Egypt, saying, “My step-siblings, like my step-mom is from Egypt and all that stuff, so I know that it could have been taken offensively.” She ended by saying she “thinks” she’s sorry to anyone who “practices that religion.”

Many fans did not accept her apology, saying it didn’t seem genuine (particularly the “I think I’m sorry” part) and that it seemed she still did not understand the gravity of her actions.

Nessa also posted an apology in her comments and on IG stories. However, many fans did not accept those apologies either, calling her out for playing the victim card.

Many believe that with such a big platform, the 17-year-old needs to do her due diligence before posting things online. They say pleading ignorance is no excuse.

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And as it turns out, her boyfriend’s bestie, Bryce Hall, feels the same.

Bryce and Josh took to IG Live yesterday. When asked about the Nessa drama, Josh defended his girlfriend saying she genuinely didn’t know the verse was from the Quran and neither did he.

Bryce quickly chimed in, saying, “That’s fucked up. You should just know religions, dude.”

After fans didn’t seem to accept her first apology, Nessa took to IG stories to apologize once again.

The 17-year-old started by saying she realised some felt her apology was insincere and wanted to re-iterate that she truly is sorry.

She said she loves “all people— whatever religion, race, shapes and sizes.” She then told fans what they can and cannot be upset with her for, saying, “You can be upset that what I’ve done is ignorant, but you cannot be upset at me for being hateful as there’s just no hate in me.”

Weird flex, but ok.

She explained that she “saw a video of a cute older man” and used the audio not realising it was a sacred scripture reading and would have never done so if she had known.

She finished by saying she has learned from this, but that the hate she’s receiving is “really hard to handle.” She also asked fans to stop sending hate to her friends and family because it’s “completely unacceptable” as it was her mistake and not theirs.

“This will be the last time that I’m talking about it, but again, I just want to make it clear and say that I am truly and deeply sorry to those that I’ve hurt and offended.”

And then, her finstas were exposed.

In recent days, Nessa’s been coping some more backlash after a former classmate revealed her finsta accounts.

Matthew Benish, who went to school with Nessa, posted a TikTok exposing Nessa’s two finsta accounts (anonymous/private Instagram accounts). In the since-deleted video, Matthew claims Nessa’s finstas provide many examples of times the star has made fun of people who are overweight and have disabilities. He also claims she says the n-word often.

The TikTok went viral and fans reportedly started DMing Nessa with their thoughts. That’s when an apparent DM conversation between Nessa and a fan was exposed. In the screenshot, the fan criticises Nessa for her finsta to which Nessa allegedly responds, “I didn’t even say [n-word] in a racist way I said it speaking to my friend.”

Nessa claims the DM conversation is photoshopped and “completely fake.”

While some are calling to cancel Nessa, others agree that the star didn’t actually say the n-word in the video clip posted to TikTok.

Regardless of Nessa’s behaviour, many have expressed their concern over how much hate the teen has been getting lately.

Moral of the story? Be careful what you post online, kids.

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