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Noor Dabash Accuses Fellow TikTok Star Nickolas Ray Of Sexual Assault

Noor Dabash Accuses Fellow TikTok Star Nickolas Ray Of Sexual Assault

Beauty creator Noor Dabash has accused former friend, Nickolas Ray, of sexually assaulting her while she was a minor.

In a TikTok posted one day ago, Noor lipsyncs to ‘I’ve Had Enough’ by Melina KB writing, “I heard we’re exposing manipulative r*p*sts”. Noor goes on to post a screenshot of Nickolas’ TikTok and Instagram profiles, along with photos of the two together and a screenshot of alleged text messages between the two in which it appears that Nickolas denies sexually assaulting Noor.

“Hey @nickolas who else are you gonna tell I’m lying? I was 17. You were 21,” the video’s caption reads.

The Canadian-born creator, who boasts 6 million followers across social media, then took to Twitter to further explain the allegations.

She starts by saying she was “sexually assaulted by Nickolas Ray, better known as @nickkolas_ray on TikTok” on July 5th. She was intoxicated the entire week leading up to the sexual assault but was not “blackout” drunk. She adds that she had a “complicated” relationship with Nickolas because she “wanted attention” from him.

“At the time I was 17 years old and he was 21, he said he wanted to wait until I was 18 to even do anything,” she writes before revealing that the first day they met, Nickolas allegedly kissed her while he was sober and she was drunk. She says they had consensual sex 2-3 times while she was a minor.

Noor goes on to explain that on July 5th, she was intoxicated and having a panic attack.

“I oftentimes have very bad anxiety/ panic attacks and the night of July 5th 2021 I had a very bad one, I was curled up in Nickolas’s bed crying, shaking, and unable to breathe properly for about 40 minutes, [I] just wanted someone to be around, Nickolas asked if we can talk and I said no (I was in a panicked state and couldn’t form sentences in my own head).”

Once I caught my breath, Nickolas pinned me down and proceeded to r*pe me. I was confused, I had a very bad nose bleed afterwards, I got up, left, and went back to my apartment,” she writes.

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She stands firm that “on the night on July 5th, I did NOT consent to any type of sexual activities”.

The creator finishes by calling for Nickolas to be deplatformed and claiming he has done “manipulative” things to other girls she knows.

Noor has since received an outpour of love and support from her followers and fellow influencers, with messages like “I believe you” and “I stand with you” flooding her comment sections.

Nickolas has not responded to Noor’s allegations at the time of publication.

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