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Ole Henriksen On How To Nail Your Skincare Routine & The Importance Of Self Care During The Pandemic

Ole Henriksen On How To Nail Your Skincare Routine & The Importance Of Self Care During The Pandemic

An industry that has long since profited off the insecurities of women, beauty is finally shifting, albeit slowly, to become a safe-space for self care and self expression. 

One of the front runners in promoting this shift is Ole Henriksen. Known for being a leader in health and wellness, plus the face and brain behind the famous #OleGlow, the founder of the namesake brand attributes the shift in large part to Gen Z and social media. 

“I absolutely see the impact of social media as a win-win for everyone. Social media has made young people aware of the importance of taking the best care of their skin and the true value of skincare,” he says. And while Ole Henriksen has always been on the front foot when it comes to prioritising skincare (he counts the likes of Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Matthew McConaughey as clients at his Sunset Boulevard SPA location), the “skin first, makeup second” mentality adapted by brands like Glossier and Fenty has seen a period of explosive growth for the skincare industry.

But with an increasingly saturated skincare market and access to more information and misinformation than ever before—skincare can also sometimes seem complicated and overwhelming, something Ole Henriksen is working hard to counteract. “I recommend [people] keep their routine simple,” he says, before noting that staying consistent is the most important part when it comes to seeing results. “During my many decades in the skincare business, I’ve also seen a shift in how [people] shop for their products. In the past, it was always based on skin type. Now, it’s all about [targeting] specific skin concerns— like uneven skin tone, dark spots, open pores, textural imperfections,” he says.  When it comes to shopping for these skin concerns, the brand takes helping consumers find the right products very seriously, with a Skincare Ritual Finder Quiz on site, plus a “Shop by Concern” function online and in-store at Sephora. The products are also colour-coded to distinguish hero ingredients and priorities: the best-selling range of which is appropriately coloured orange and focuses on brightness and evening skin tone.

But you can’t effectively target concerns, without effective ingredients— another reason Ole explains his brand has resonated so strongly with consumers over the years. “I think trends are great but…we have never been the type of [brand] to follow them…An example of that was [being a pioneer] with Vitamin C, many decades ago, when I launched my Truth Serum,” he explains. “We also put the Ayurvedic medicinal plant from India, bakuchiol on the map in our skincare formulations [years ago],” he says.

As the founder explains, “Gen Z has without a doubt contributed [positively] to the beauty industry. They are more ingredient savvy, which is something I appreciate. The environment, also matters to them, they want to make sure the products they use are safe and good for their skin, but also the environment,” something that has no doubt informed the cruelty-free and primarily vegan product development for the brand.

When it comes to achieving the covetable #OleGlow however, Ole doesn’t just credit his products— refreshingly honest advice from the founder of a wildly successful skincare brand. “Finding time to be alone and recharge your batteries,” is as crucial a component as taking good care of the skin, he explains. “As devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, I have taken more time for long nature walks, driving to the beach in Santa Monica, roller blading along the water front, cooking meals at home and also taking time to express gratitude.” 

Even at 70 years-young, romanticising every day life, showing gratitude and taking time for self care— are things Ole Henriksen and the TikTok generation certainly have in common.

The new Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Remedy Moisturizer is available now to shop in-store at Sephora.

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