Ondreaz Lopez Accuser Drops Sexual Assault Claims: “There Was A Big Misunderstanding”

Ondreaz Lopez’s 14-year-old accuser has retracted her claim that the 23-year-old was in an inappropriate relationship with her as a minor. 

In January this year, the teen under the TikTok handle @saintbaby posted a damning video that allegedly exposed Ondreaz admitting to the relationship to the accuser’s mother over the phone. This video has since been taken down and the account is no longer active.

The teen took to Instagram to post the following statement today, clearing everything up as a “misunderstanding”.

“We talked through everything and agreed to move on,” she said, continuing, “we are both very happy with the outcome”.

She later clarified that by “we” she was referring to her sister, her cousin and herself.

This unexpected turn has led Twitter users to believe that the teen was paid to clear the accusation and retract her statement.

Ondreaz’s younger brother Tony is still facing a lawsuit from two underage girls for sexual battery and emotional distress, as well as multiple accusations of inappropriate relationships with other underage girls. 

Let’s hope all these allegations are dealt with properly and with justice.

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