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This Product Could Be The Key To Clearing Acne & Decreasing Bloating

This Product Could Be The Key To Clearing Acne & Decreasing Bloating


Thanks to a slew of wellness products hitting the market in recent years, a focus on Goop-esque superfoods, jade rollers and trending meditation apps, we are more aware of our holistic health than ever before. However, when it comes to the concept of wellness and self care, some products are more effective than others…

With common conditions like bloating, indigestion and inflammation, plus skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and acne, all being linked to poor gut health, Australian brand PuraU, saw the need for a gut-health targeted product, that went above and beyond the “wellness” fad, in providing real results.  

“An overgrowth of bacteria in the gut, also known as SIBO, has been linked to both acne and rosacea in several research studies,” explains dermatologist, Adriana Lombardi. “Research shows that good gut health is linked with healthy skin,” the brand says. “Consumers are [often] misinformed with topical skin care products helping to improve skin, when they should come after improving your gut health.” 

So, how is PuraU combatting this? 

The brand’s ethos is to first educate people on the importance of good gut health, and in doing so, explain the benefits of the hero product, the Gut Cleanse Kit: a three-times a day capsule, over a 20 day period that works to support skin health, reduce free radicals, maintain skin health, and support healthy digestion.

If a gut cleanse kit is on the weirder end of the spectrum for you when it comes to wellness, don’t worry– these particular capsules are formulated with 100% Australian made vegan ingredients, are completely GMO free (meaning they ingredients are in no way genetically altered or modified), plus are completely gluten and cruelty-free. 

So how do these capsules actually work?

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By including ingredients such as tumeric, ginger, taurine, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and zinc, amongst many other research backed ingredients, the capsules work to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, replenish good gut bacteria, reduce inflammation, fight free radicals and help relieve symptoms of stress. And with over 300 reviews on site and a five star rating, we’d say PuraU might be on to something.

Learn more about the brand here.

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