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Seth Francois, Trisha Paytas Expose David Dobrik For Alleged Sexual Assault And Racism

Seth Francois, Trisha Paytas Expose David Dobrik For Alleged Sexual Assault And Racism

One week after Nik “Big Nik” Keswani compared David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad to a cult, former members Seth Francois and Trisha Paytas are speaking out against the “toxic” YouTube collective as well.

In an interview on the H3 After Dark podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein, Seth revealed that David allegedly forced him to kiss 47-year-old Jason Nash against his will, all in the name of content. Seth claims this incident was the final straw, pushing him to leave the Vlog Squad and permanently relocate to Atlanta.

Seth explained how to make-out prank transpired, saying, “It was a video where David set up with, uh, with Jason Nash and Corinna [Kopf] and said that I was supposed to do a make-out scene with Corinna and he was going to have her in an old man mask and then switched her out with Jason Nash. After Jason pulled off his mask, I realised that I was just touched by someone I did not consent to.”

The 26-year-old influencer called the experience “legitimately traumatising.”

“I decided to move to Atlanta because when I was in LA, after dealing with that video with Jason, millions of people are misconstruing about my own sexuality and how I feel about participating in something that he didn’t have my consent for,” he said.

This is not the first time that Seth has spoken out against David Dobrik and his time in the Vlog Squad. On June 2nd, 2020, the creator posted a video titled ‘”Accountability” to all Creators,’ in which he apologised for being involved in the Vlog Squad’s past problematic content— much of which hinged on Seth as the token Black friend. Other Vlog Squad clips Seth shared in the apology video include depictions of blackface and harmful Black stereotypes. He explained the importance of taking accountability and was hopeful that David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad would do the same.

Seth’s video came amidst the 2020 BLM movement when several white internet personalities were being “cancelled” for racist behaviour.

After the interview went live on the H3 After Dark podcast, Ethan’s Frenemies co-host Trisha Paytas took to YouTube to share her support for Seth. Trisha was previously involved in the Vlog Squad while dating Jason Nash.

“I was really triggered by what [Seth] said because I’ve been dealing with this for, now, two years from David fans and just other people who love to deem me as crazy,” she said. Trisha has been vocal about David’s mistreatment of Vlog Squad members for years.

Trisha went on to say that Seth’s interview validated her feelings about what she experienced being part of the Vlog Squad.

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Shortly after her video, a clip resurfaced of Trisha confronting David and Jason about the make-out prank with Seth. In the clip, Trisha can be heared saying Jason threatens to break up with her any time she challenges their content, while David gaslights her saying, “You being mad about the Seth make-out thing is crazy.”

David has not yet addressed allegations at the time of publication. However, the star has been consistently posting on social media, which many feel is a way to deflect from the backlash.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the Vlog Squad?

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