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Tati Westbrook Responds To Blendiful Drama And It’s Refreshing AF

Tati Westbrook Responds To Blendiful Drama And It’s Refreshing AF

When the Tati Beauty Blendiful launched back in January, makeup lovers everywhere were thrilled. The unique application tool was the first of its kind — a powder puff/sponge hybrid that promised to work with every base product.

At first, The Blendiful lived up to its hype, receiving rave reviews from beauty gurus and consumers alike. The fuzzy applicator seemed to blend makeup beautifully, giving users an airbrushed finish with no harsh lines. Many said it would become another staple in their beauty routine.

A few weeks later, Tati’s Blendiful is making noise again on social media. But this time it’s not so positive, because customers who have purchased the sponge are claiming their Blendifuls are tearing apart at the seams.


When I saw your new product coming out I was so excited,” one user tweeted at Tati. “Tried it twice, liked it. I’m washing it for the 2nd time & it’s ripped already.”

Another wrote that she wasn’t rough at all with her Blendiful, but it ripped after only one wash.

Surprisingly, others said they hadn’t even washed theirs yet and it was already damaged. “I’m sad because I love Tati and really like it but for $18 I expect it to last more than a day,” one fan tweeted after her Blendiful apparently ripped before she even washed it.

These claims led many to call out the YouTuber for releasing a ‘cash grab.’ Tati also went radio silent across social media for a few days which only fueled the fire online.

Now, Tati’s back and ready to address the issues.

In a new video uploaded to her channel this morning, Tati breaks her silence on The Blendiful drama, saying she stands by her product. “This is not a recalled product. It’s not a bad product. There are no major issues with The Blendiful,” she begins.

Tati explains that she believed her launch announcement provided enough information on how to properly use and care for The Blendiful, including a step-by-step guide on the Tati Beauty website.

Her two biggest tips? Wash it in a delicates bag and don’t ring it dry.

She goes on to say that she planned to create more in-depth tutorials using the product, but she didn’t want to cannibalise on other creator’s content who were making review videos about The Blendiful. She also mentioned that she wanted to see how consumers were intuitively using the product before releasing something more concrete.

On claims that The Blendiful is just a ‘cash grab,’ Tati reveals her company as a whole has made $15 million in sales, but she hasn’t seen a single dime. “We have paid taxes and then poured everything back into creating, and researching, and developing new product, and ordering materials.” She defends that Tati Beauty is a legacy dream of hers, saying she’s in it for the long-game, not just to make a quick buck.

Tati also shares that percentage-wise, there were double the consumer complaints for the brand’s first launch, the Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 eyeshadow palette, then there have been for The Blendiful. Despite a few issues, the palette went on to win multiple awards and was a huge success.

So why is everyone coming for her with The Blendiful?

Well, after further investigation into the incoming complaints, Tati says she believes it’s become a snowball effect of people jumping on the bandwagon of negativity. She explains that based on retrievable metadata, many of the photos going around are duplicated and that her team has uncovered a number of Twitter accounts claiming to have issues with The Blendiful that are all linked to the same IP address. She also reveals that when her team responded to upset customers, many have retracted their complaints and/or can’t provide a valid purchase number.

Basically, most of the claims are probably BS and Tati is not?here?for? it.?

Her response is refreshing, as it’s fairly uncommon for a viral star to stand up for themselves in the middle of receiving some serious backlash.

She gracefully finishes by sharing some Tati wisdom. “You have a digital footprint…You’re tied to that. And the right set of eyes, people will figure it out…This is nothing to be fearful of, I’m just saying you should operate online in a way that wouldn’t embarrass you if someone pulled the curtain back.”

Leave it to Tati to put the haters in their place.

In the words of Taylor Swift, you need to calm down.

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