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TikTok Agency Clubhouse Media Group Exposed For Alleged Exploitation Of Female Members

TikTok Agency Clubhouse Media Group Exposed For Alleged Exploitation Of Female Members

The parent company of several TikTok content houses is being exposed for alleged predatory behaviour towards its young female talent.

On February 10th, former Not a Content House member Madi Monroe took to Instagram live to share her experience with the collective. The viral star explained that many of the members recently left the house — owned by Clubhouse Media Group— over “constant pressure from our managers and the management team behind it.”

“It would have been nice to do it ourselves,” she said. “Some of the things that were being said to us and some things that we were forced to do weren’t right.”

Madi’s live came after news that five members recently left the house— including three members in two days.

In late 2020, Not a Content House merged with creator collective, Top Talent House, after allegations against Top Talent’s manager began circulating the internet when 16-year-old Rachel Brockman left the house. At the time, Rachel was reportedly removed from the house by L.A. authorities. Rachel later shared a thread of accusations against TTH manager Nour Khodr on her Instagram stories which included allegations of grooming, exploitation of minors, theft, and providing underage girls with drugs and alcohol.

Nour was integrated as part of the NACH management team post-merger.

Since Madi’s live, several former members of both TTH and NACH have corroborated her claims.

TikTok star Cooper Noriega tweeted that NACH’s management team are the “most manipulative people” and “weirdly sexual to the girls.” Rachel Brockman herself commented on the tweet, posted by TikTok Room, writing, “YUP”.

Cooper later clarified that he was not referring to Nour, but instead, his tweet was about Clubhouse Media Group CEO Amir Ben-Yohanan.

Clubhouse Media Group was formed in late 2020 after Chinese healthcare company, Tongji Healthcare, acquired West of Hudson— a New-Jersey based company that operated a number of content creation houses in L.A., including The Clubhouse Beverly Hills, The Clubhouse Europe, and Not a Content House. It was a reverse deal in which Tongji Healthcare acquired West of Hudson, but West of Hudson (now Clubhouse Media Group) remained in control.

Confusing, we know.

Sabrina Quesada, who recently left NACH as well, echoed Cooper’s claims. In a comment left on TikTok Room, the 18-year-old wrote that Rachel “doesn’t even know the half of it, she was never in NACH.” Sabrina went on to say that Nour treated the creators “very well and has a good heart, he was in no way involved in our mental health deteriorating while we were there.”

However, she admits she “hit rock bottom” while living at NACH.

Disney star Tessa Brooks and influencer Katie Sigmond also responded to questions over their exits from Clubhouse Media Group. In a TikTok comment, Tessa revealed that the behaviour of house managers was “why I left too” despite having her own independent management team.

Katie posted a TikTok on February 10th accusing Clubhouse manager of being “sketchy.”

Former Not a Content House members Cynthia Parker, Anna Shumate, Sabrina Quesada, and Devyn Winkler uploaded a video hours after allegations surfaced online, detailing their experience with Clubhouse Media Group’s management team.

“Amir is pretty much the sole purpose of why we’re leaving because he does not know how to business teenage girls or speak to them,” Cynthia says. The girls allege that there were multiple red flags about management during their time in NACH, including getting evicted twice, being treated as property, having their work exploited, and being called lazy by management because they were all on their period.

Many male creators have since commented about knowing the Clubhouse management team was shady, including Hype House manager Thomas Petrou who called them Amir and his partners “criminals” and accused them of “actively trying to ruin my life for 6 months” with cyberattacks and threats.

Hype House’s Alex Warren has also come to the girls’ defense against those who are skeptical of their story. TikTok stars Isaak Presley and Daisy Keech have commented words of encouragement as well. Isaak claims he “got some abusive ass words” from the Clubhouse management team, while Daisy showed support for the girls, saying their life will be “so much more peaceful and drama free after getting out.”

Clubhouse Media Group has not yet responded to claims at the time of publication.

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