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TikTok’s ‘Top Talent House’ Dissolving After Manager Faces Accusations Of Exploiting Minors

TikTok’s ‘Top Talent House’ Dissolving After Manager Faces Accusations Of Exploiting Minors

TikTok creator collective ‘Top Talent House‘ is allegedly closing after former members have come forward to share horror stories about manager Nour Khodr.

On October 10th, ‘Top Talent House’ joined the ranks of TikTok content houses that have swept the L.A. scene this year.

Preceded by wildly popular collectives like The Hype House, Sway LA, and Not A Content House, Top Talent House was formed by teenage creators — mostly 16 and 17-years-old— including Anna Shumate, Rachel Brockman, Eva Cudmore, and Katie Pego, and is managed by the owner of Top Talent Agency, 21-year-old Nour Khodr.

However, just three weeks after its inception, allegations against Top Talent’s manager began circulating the internet when Rachel Brockman left the house. YouTube commentary channel Def Noodles reports that Rachel, 16, was allegedly removed from the house by L.A. authorities. After days of radio silence, Rachel shared a thread of accusations against Nour on her Instagram stories which include allegations of grooming, exploitation of minors, theft, and providing underage girls with drugs and alcohol.

After Rachel’s bombshell IG story, the girls of Top Talent House sat down on livestream to address the rumours. They claimed Rachel’s mother called the police on her as a missing person and that Rachel wanted to get emancipated to stay in L.A. They maintain they feel safe living there and that all their parents have met Nour and support them living in the house.

Rachel then took to livestream herself, alleging that Nour rates underage female clients (ages 14 to 17) on a “f*ckability scale” and provides residents of the house with drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. She says Nour manipulated her into wanting to get emancipated and seemingly confirmed rumours that he owes some of his clients thousands of dollars.

Def Noodles also reports that Nour does not have registered talent agent or management licenses in the state of California, nor does he hold a valid California business licence for Top Talent Agency.

On the same day as Rachel’s livestream, former Top Talent member McPlayGT took to IGTV to share his personal experience working with Nour. He followed up with a post on stories.

“Nour was my manager at Top Talent House,” he wrote. “He [manipulated] me, told me things would go right and I had a successful career if I follow through, and told me how much I would be making.”

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McPlayGT went on to say that Nour was shady about paying creators for their sponsored work and claims Nour threatened him with defamation for speaking out about his experience with Top Talent Agency.

Now, it seems Nour and his business might not be able to bounce back after these allegations. On November 1st, Rachel posted a message which was apparently sent to her from Top Talent member Katie Prego who wrote, “none of this is going to matter on Monday because we are moving house.”

Sources allege that Top Talent Agency is in the process of dissolution and that Top Talent House will be merging with Not A Content House.

The legitimacy of the allegations are unconfirmed and it is unclear whether Nour Khodr is under investigation by authorities.

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