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Former Vlog Squad Member Durte Dom Accused Of Rape By Woman Featured In 2018 Vlog

Former Vlog Squad Member Durte Dom Accused Of Rape By Woman Featured In 2018 Vlog

TW: Sexual assault.

Another nail in the Vlog Squad’s figurative coffin.

Off the back of several accusations of sexual assault, racism, and bullying against David Dobrik‘s Vlog Squad, a woman, who goes by the pseudonym of Hannah in the article, is sharing her experience with the YouTube collective.

Speaking with Insider, Hannah recalls that back in November 2018, she and some college friends were chatting with Durte Dom— real name Dominykas Zeglaitis— on Instagram DM who said he wanted to “hook up” with them. Durte Dom, who famously played a sex addict character for Vlog Squad content, joked about inviting the girls over for a “five-some” in the published vlog.

It’s important to note that David’s audience is largely made up of teenagers, many under the age of 18.

Hannah told Insider that Dom had sex with her while she was too incapacitated by alcohol to consent. David filmed Hannah and Dom entering into the bedroom and spun it as a “threesome” bit. “It was very much an environment where it felt like saying ‘no’ was not OK,” she told the publication. “It felt like from the moment we came there was an expectation that they were doing us a favour and we had to give them content.”

Hannah claims Dom pressured her into “at least” giving him a kiss before having sex with her while she was “blacked out”— too drunk to even dress herself afterward.

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Hannah asked David to remove the video, which quickly reached over 5 million views, and she sent Durte Dom a message in February 2019 saying she felt “taken advantage of.”

David’s lawyer told the title that “David will be addressing the community directly.”

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