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Tati Westbrook Spotted With Fans For The First Time In A Year

Tati Westbrook Spotted With Fans For The First Time In A Year

Tati Westbrook has made her first appearance since going dark in June of last year.

The beauty YouTuber was spotted when she took a photo with two fans just days ago which was uploaded to Instagram. Drama channel Here For The Tea captured the shot from @shilpaverma and @glambyrayna and reshared it to her followers.

Some speculate the photo was taken in Bellevue, Washington, where Tati and her husband James Westbrook now allegedly reside. The couple sold their L.A. home in November 2020 and relocated back to their native Seattle area.

Regarded as one of the most successful YouTube creators on the platform, Tati retreated from the internet in June 2020 after releasing a follow-up video to her bombshell ‘BYE SISTER…‘ which famously led to the mass cancellation of James Charles in 2019. Her sequel video accused YouTube personalities Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson of being the puppet-masters behind attempting to take down James Charles’ career— claiming she was manipulated and gaslit into believing lies about the then 19-year-old James and coerced into making her initial video.

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More recently, Tati and her husband have found themselves entangled in legal drama. The couple is reportedly being sued for fraud by their Halo Beauty partner Clark Swanson. The Westbrooks have also attempted to sue drama channel Without A Crystal Ball for harrassment and spreading fake news about them, however, that case was dismissed in March 2021 for lack of jurisdiction.

Though we don’t anticipate Tati will return to her YouTube channel any time soon, we’re glad to see her looking happy and healthy.

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